Homework 4

Due: 10/20/2015

Please refer to the following books for assignments:
i. RTL Hardware Design Using VHDL Coding by Pong P. Chu

  1. Code up Listing 2.1 from your textbook.(Page no 27 in Pong P. Chu). Simulate your VHDL code using ModelSIM. Exercise the circuit using a .do file. Be sure to exhaustively simulate it. Turn in a printout of your VHDL code, your .do file, and your simulation output waveforms. Write, by hand, on your simulation output waveform printout to help lead the TA through your simulation results. This goes for all the homework you hand in in the following days.
  2. Repeat problem 2 above but without any delays (remove all the “after XXXns statements”). Does the circuit still work? Turn in the same things as in problem 1 above.
  3. Textbook problem 3.1.Turn in a printout of your VHDL code.